18 February 2019

CIRC-PACK completes successful technical visit to AITIIP in Spain

On 13 February 2019, fresh from a crucial review meeting with the European Commission, the CIRC-PACK consortium toured the AITIIP technology centre in Zaragoza, Spain, for a technical visit to one of the country’s most advanced facilities.

The team had a close look at AITIIP’s pre-industrial demonstration area, which features a range of plastic transformation technologies such as extrusion compounding, injection moulding and thermoforming. These are designed – in operative environments – to demonstrate new formulations of bio-based polymers.

The team also visited AITIIP’s additive manufacturing area, featuring cutting-edge technologies for processing metallic and plastic materials – such as the Object1000 multi-material 3D printer.

AITIIP is also home to an industrial injection moulding area, possessing machines with clamping forces of anything between 35 and 4,000 tonnes.

Finally in the advanced manufacturing area, both CIRC-PACK and European Commission experts saw firsthand how the ‘KRAKEN’ hybrid and automated multi-material machine integrates additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies to produce large parts with high accuracy.

The technical visit at the AITIIP facilities followed an all-important review meeting with the European Commission, during which the CIRC-PACK consortium addressed the project’s progress at the half-way stage of the initiative, and earmarked further improvements to move the project forward at this crucial stage.