28 November 2019

CIRC-PACK goes to Croatia, sees Mi-Plast expertise in action

On 26 November 2019, the CIRC-PACK team held its latest meeting in Croatia, with the release of project results dominating the discussions, as well as a visit to the facilities of project partner Mi-Plast.

CIRC-PACK went to the Croatian town of Opatija to lay the groundwork for the closing stages of this Horizon 2020 project before it comes to an end in April 2020. With less than six months to go until the project is wrapped up, the pressure is on to finalise production and testing of new bio-based plastic innovations – and then release the project results into the world.

Hosted by Croatian SME and project partner Mi-Plast, the meeting focused on some promising updates from the project’s three “Demo Cases” (the pillars of the project since CIRC-PACK began back in 2017). These demonstrations mean three things: producing plastics from renewable resources (led by Italy’s Novamont); producing eco-friendly packaging designs (led by Dutch company Bumaga); and designing enhanced sorting and recycling processes (led by AITIIP of Spain).

In Opatija the team heard from all three Demo Case leaders, with some timely input from the Spanish consumer body OCU – fresh from testing CIRC-PACK products on consumers from around Europe (CIRC-PACK innovations versus the same products made from conventional plastics).

The team also made an important visit to the Mi-Plast facilities in the town of Rijeka, where the company has been producing, distributing and recycling polyethylene packaging since 1993. A family-run SME, Mi-Plast is especially focused on materials destined for the household, construction and agriculture sectors, but with an increasing involvement in European research and innovation projects under the Horizon 2020 and other frameworks.

After a successful set of meetings and echanges, CIRC-PACK’s attention now turns to the 17 March in Brussels, Belgium, where ICLEI Europe will host a Breakfast at Sustainability's for CIRC-PACK collaborators and stakeholders from around Europe.

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