11 November 2019

CIRC-PACK reveals barriers to circularity at Ecomondo workshop

On 7 November 2019, CIRC-PACK’s Italian partners were in full swing at the Ecomondo green technology expo in Rimini, Italy, delivering  a roundtable and workshop on the circular economy of the plastic packaging value chain.

Featuring our partners FATER, Novamont, RINA and Centro Ricerche Fiat, the events took conference-goers closer to CIRC-PACK innovations, but also explored the key barriers to a circular economy for plastic packaging.

The roundtable and workshop made for intense discussions with conference-goers, who identified both legislative barriers and a lack of economic and financial incentives as the main barriers to a circular economy for plastic packaging.

On the flipside, 25 per cent of conference-goers told CIRC-PACK that economic and financial incentives were clearly the main driver(s) towards progress on circularity. But nearly a quarter (22 per cent) of workshop participants also said that campaigns to raise awareness among consumers were a major factor for progress with plastic packaging.

The CIRC-PACK project runs until end of April 2020, so stay tuned over the coming months for projects results as we: shocase new bioplastics from renewable resources; create innovate eco-designs for plastic packaging, and; present new innovations in enhanced sorting and recycling.

For more, watch the video on YouTube!