4 June 2020

CIRC-PACK expertise shared in report from the Dutch paper industry

To support recycling of paper and board, the CIRC-PACK partner BUMAGA shared key lessons from CIRC-PACK and included them in a new report to improve paper recycling in the Netherlands and beyond.

In the Netherlands 3 million tonnes of paper and board is produced annually, of which 2.2 million tonnes is intended for packaging. 86 percent of all paper and board that is produced in the Netherlands is produced from Paper for Recycling. The Netherlands also shows a high collection rate of marketed paper and board with 84 percent. The collection rate of marketed paper-based packaging is even higher at 87 percent.

Despite these high rates, there is still room to further increase the collection and recycling and that is what BUMAGA, based on its work in the CIRC-PACK project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, has done in partnership with KIDV (Netherlands’ Institute for Sustainable Packaging and PRN (Foundation Paper Recycling the Netherlands).

Together the partners have written a report from the position of the Dutch paper and board industry that describes the measures that can be taken to improve the quality and quantity of the collected raw materials and thereby further increase recycling.

The basic premise of the paper and board industry is that all paper and board is recyclable, on condition that the logistics and the recycling method are adapted to the paper-based product. In relevant cases, the principle can refer to the reuse of Paper for Recycling in other sectors than the paper and board industry.

The report has been translated to English to allow interested experts to benefit.

Read the report here.