31 January 2019

CIRC-PACK Consortium To Visit AITIIP Facilities in Zaragoza

The CIRC-PACK consortium is set to travel to Zaragoza, Spain, for a key project review meeting and technical tour of the facilities of project partner AITIIP.

On 12-13 February, CIRC-PACK partners will gather for a technical visit of the AITIIP Technology Centre in Zaragoza, where preparations will also take place for a key review of the CIRC-PACK project with European Commission officials.

The review will address the progress made by CIRC-PACK at the half-way stage of the project, and also look at key challenges which the consortium has come up against as it works to turn waste to resource.

The meeting in Zaragoza will be especially key for the three CIRC-PACK demonstration cases, at a point where strong progress has been made on the first phase of innovations - Novamont's production of new, bio-based plastics from renewable resources.

For live updates on the meeting, follow CIRC-PACK on Twitter @circ_economy, and also on our LinkedIn group.