11 May 2020

New Online tool to improve circular ecodesign

A new tool has just been launched by CIRC-PACK allowing producers of packaging (plastic and cardboard) to assess its recyclability and circular economy-related indicators.

Developed by Spanish Research Centre CIRCE as part of the EU-funded project CIRC-PACK, the new online tool allows those working on packaging to input their product data and receive a sustainability evaluation across a number of ecodesign measures – which span different stages of the lifecycle – to improve the sustainability performance of each product.

Aitana Sáez de Guinoa Vilaplana, Technology Project Manager at CIRCE and CIRC-PACK coordinator, explains:

“Based on the work we have done in CIRC-PACK to develop and test more circular packaging applications, we built this tool allowing others to do the same. By inputting different data on the specific format a developer is working on, the tool is able to suggest possible ways to improve performance and sustainability, fostering the implementation of eco-design strategies. The tool makes it possible to have feedback easily and free of cost,” she says.

The different indicators for each product include materials used, composition, size, weight and questions on the design and manufacturing process.

You can test the new tool on or learn more about it on the Horizon Results Platform under the result: ‘Circular packaging ecodesign assessment tool