1 June 2018

The CIRC-PACK Consortium Hosted by Novamont in Novara, Italy

On 23-24 May 2018, the CIRC-PACK project consortium held a general partner meeting in Novara, Italy. The group gathered at the research lab of project partner Novamont to drive forward the CIRC-PACK project and continue the momentum built up during the first year of the initiative, as well as undertaking a research visit of the Novamont facilities.

For a Horizon 2020 project such as CIRC-PACK, partner meetings offer an excellent opportunity to consolidate work conducted by the partners and align future objectives among the project “work packages”. However, this visit to Novara also provided invaluable insights into Novamont’s research and development in the fields of bio-based plastics and biodegradable plastics for a range of products for end users.

The site visit allowed all CIRC-PACK partners to see firsthand the cutting edge developments which can contribute to a circular economy for plastic packaging in the future!