16 April 2018

Waste To Resource: CIRC-PACK In Brussels For Circular Economy Conference

On 11 April 2018, the CIRC-PACK consortium met a host of circular economy stakeholders in Brussels, Belgium, to effectively launch the CIRC-PACK project in the heart of Europe. The conference and stakeholder event ‘Waste to resource: a new circular economy for the plastic packaging sector’ gathered more than 30 consortium members, business figures, civil society professionals and representatives of municipalities and the European institutions.

The CIRC-PACK consortium ostensibly launched its ambitious project to the public during a key event in the heart of Europe on 11 April. The conference and focus groups sessions, organised by project partner Plastipolis in collaboration with project co-ordinator CIRCE, were a vital opportunity to gather key stakeholders from around Europe and present the ambitious objectives of the CIRC-PACK project.

The CIRC-PACK Horizon 2020 project, working towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain, comprises a 22-member consortium of expert organisations from across Europe. With objectives such as decoupling plastics from fossil fuels, and producing smart, innovative “eco-design” packaging products, it is hoped that the project will achieve better collection and recycling of more complex packaging products – in itself a key component of circular economy in the plastics sector.

In Brussels, CIRC-PACK welcomed a wide range of stakeholders eager to hear about the project aims and deliverables – notably the three “demo cases” which CIRC-PACK has in store: first, producing plastics from renewable resources; second, producing eco-friendly packaging designs; third, enhancing the quality of sorting and recycling to effectively “close the loop” for plastics.

But the 11 April event also included targeted focus groups for expert stakeholders to feed back into CIRC-PACK’s planning and objectives. Held in parallel, CIRC-PACK moderators OCU, RINA Consulting and ICLEI Europe gathered key questions and discussions concerning consumers, business and public authorities respectively.