4 October 2018

CIRC-PACK to Meet for Circular Packaging Workshop in the Netherlands

The pan-European CIRC-PACK consortium will convene in Arnhem, the Netherlands later this month, for an international workshop on circular packaging hosted by CIRC-PACK partner Bumaga.

On 30-31 October 2018, the latest event in the CIRC-PACK calendar will take place in Arnhem in the Netherlands, with both a CIRC-PACK steering committee meeting and a Workshop on Circular Packaging on the agenda.

In follow-up to the CIRC-PACK consortium’s general assembly and visit to the Novamont research facilities in Novara (Italy) in May, the latest gathering of the project team will be hosted by Dutch partner Bumaga and a Dutch PET recycling company.

The 31 October workshop will gather industrial stakeholders from the Netherlands and beyond, and includes an interactive session and Dutch case study on circular packaging.

The CIRC-PACK team will join industry representatives to study the following questions: How to produce packaging materials that are future proof? How to ‘ecodesign’ multi-material and multilayer packaging? How can the plastic packaging value chain become more circular?  And how will consumers and public authorities benefit from CIRC-PACK results? These questions will feed into current and future CIRC-PACK efforts as we aim to turn waste to resource, and close the loop on plastic packaging.

For live updates from the workshop and further news, visit and follow the project on Twitter via @circ_economy.